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Formulated for easy mixing, delicious flavour and optimal performance, Dymatize 100% Elite Whey is made to be maximally anabolic while remaining banned substance free.

  • Zero Gluten
  • High BCAA’s
  • Informed Choice Trusted

Whether you are preparing for a hard workout, are looking to recover optimally or simply need more protein in your diet, Elite 100% Whey combines a multi-phase release protein blend with delicious flavours for the ultimate protein blend.

Utilising a high protein, very high amino acid yielding protein blend, allows the user to maximise muscle growth without having to max out on calories.

This makes Dymatize Elite Whey both the perfect protein for someone looking to gain lean muscle but also someone who needs less protein per serve but still wants the maximal effect.

Core Ingredients

Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)

WPC is created through the cheese making process and yields a high amino acid profile with close to 80% protein per 100g of powder. It also contains gut health promoting bacteria, insulin growth-like factors for muscle growth and has a low lactose content per serve while still maintaining a creamier texture and a steady state release of amino acids into the blood stream.

Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)

WPI is a 2nd phase production product, whereby they filter out a higher level of fats from the WPC and also reduce the lactose content to marginal levels. Consequently, this filtration process increases the protein content to upwards of 90% per 100g of powder and yields an extremely high amino acid content for maximal muscle protein synthesis.

Hydrolysed Whey Protein Concentrate (HWPC)

HWPC is a 3rd phase production product, whereby the amino acid bonds of a WPC are cleaved and broken down into di and tri-peptides, meaning 2 and 3 amino acids joined together, which allows the amino acids to enter the bloodstream with ease due to their pre-digestion.

Final Thoughts

Utilising only the best technique of cross-flow microfiltration for their whey protein production, Dymatize Elite protein provides nearly 12g of Essential Amino Acids per serving with a maximally dosed 2.7g of Leucine per serving for optimal muscle recovery.

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