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Kre-Alkalyn® is a creatine powder designed especially for elite athletes, bodybuilders, hardgainers, and those who play competitive sports. Kre-Alkalyn’s® patented “pH Correct” buffering technology turns the tables on creatine. Unlike many other creatine supplements, it doesn’t convert it into liquids. We call it ‘pH Correct technology’. You’ll call it the best way to avoid side-effects, loading, and cycling while saving money and getting the results you crave from creatine. Many of our customers say that this is the best creatine supplement they have ever taken – try it for yourself to
see if you agree.


Want creatine without the side effects? International Protein’s Kre-Alkalyn® features a breakthrough formula that allows professional athletes to gain immediate results. In comparison, the pH of all other creatine products must have a pH level of 6.9 or less. Meanwhile, Kre-Alkalyn® has pH levels
from 7-14. This provides a clear advantage for anyone wanting to build muscle. This pure creatine powder includes the creatine form called creatine monohydrate. This high-quality form of creatine is the one that the bulk of research proving the benefits of creatine has been performed on. We have treated the creatine monohydrate powder in our product to change the pH of the molecule. By doing so, this ensures that it doesn’t break down to a level below 7 pH in the body. Beneath this level, creatine starts to break down and becomes less effective. The reason we have done this is it causes nearly all of the creatine in Kre-Alkalyn® to get absorbed into your body. Products with a pH below 7 are not absorbed by your body at nearly the same rate. Even products claiming to be the best creatine monohydrate out there only allow you to absorb around 1 gram of creatine out of every 3 grams you consume. The remaining two grams are transformed into harmful by-products. It is these by-products that cause all of the reactions to creatine that you hear about; bloating, gas, and cramps. Kre-Alkalyn’s® pH levels ensure that this doesn’t occur.


Creatine is part of how our body produces energy. Many bodybuilders use it during weight training, as this is an anaerobic exercise that doesn’t require as much oxygen. Instead, lifting weights uses up our stores of ATP from the phosphorylation system. This takes the energy used straight from your
muscles instead of from fat. Creatine can take broken down ATP and convert it into fresh ATP, which allows you to keep using your ATP stores when you would have usually run out long ago. Creatine is stored as creatine phosphate to restore your ATP levels while you rest. The result is that creatine increases your power during anaerobic workouts and can keep you working out for longer. When you build up the amount of creatine stored in your body over time, this can massively impact how long you can perform for. Whether you’re an athlete or a bodybuilder, this can help you to gain muscle mass and consistently improve your athletic performance. The best creatine supplements have a pH level of 7 or above so that your body absorbs as close to the full amount of creatine as possible.


  • Gain all the nutrition and muscle-growth benefits of creatine without the drawbacks, as it doesn’t convert to creatinine, and therefore, you won’t have any side-effects
  • Get immediate results – it works from the very first serving, so there’s no loading necessary
  • Save money – experience results using as little as 1 – 3 grams per day
  • The ultimate metabolic acid buffer – neutralises lactic acid so you can perform at even higher levels



  1. Eliminate all 5 with Kre-Alkalyn®
  2. Puffy bloating
  3. Muscle & intestinal cramping
  4. Loading phase
  5. Cycling on and off
  6.  Poor Results GONE!

Don’t settle for unstable creatine that converts to creatinine before it even reaches your muscles. Kre-Alkalyn® gives you the results you crave from creatine without puffy bloating, painful cramps or the hassles of loading and cycling, all thanks to pH-Correct™ technology!


  • Increase your strength
  • Improve workout endurance
  • Gain lean muscle



Mix one serving of Kre-Alkalyn® with water and drink it roughly 45 minutes prior to training as a pre-
workout health drink. This will provide you with optimum nutrition during your high-intensity
workout or sports game. Many other creatine supplements suggest that you take it half an hour
before working out, but as Kre-Alkalyn® has a different pH level to most, it takes a little longer to
come into effect. If you are working on a long-term muscle building plan, you could also benefit from
adding it to your post-workout drink to achieve the best results.

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