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Considered to be the "Spirit Herb" in traditional Chinese Medicine, Reishi is revered by health enthusiasts worldwide. This mushroom extract is praised for its representation in health-conscious circles as a symbol of immortality and 'spiritual potency', with a practical effect on mood and mental focus assistance. The Reishi Mushroom Liquid Extract by Life Cykel is designed to give you the purest of this world, so you can carry on your day in the best way you can be.

Infused with the wild-harvested Kakadu Plum, Reishi extract as found in this unique product is believed to assist in refreshing vitality by helping you manage stress responses and fatigue. Plus, you'll find it has benefits for helping to maintain your healthy heart and immune system.

Australian made, Australian owned, gluten-free and vegan, what more could you ask for out of this innovative dietary supplement? Created to blend in seamlessly with your healthy diet and lifestyle, you'll love how you feel when you start to use it on a daily bassis. 

When you take Reishi Mushroom Extract by Life Cykel you will: 
  • Support your natural energy
  • Assist a healthy immune response
  • Help you manage stress
  • Maintain vitality

How to use this Reishi extract? It's easy! Add 1–2 ml to your drinks, whether it be your favourite coffee, healthy smoothie, warming tea, nourishing soup broth or water. Use this liquid extract in the evening for the best results possible.

Remember to check out our other Life Cykel products so you get the full range of benefits! These world-famous double liquid extracts from Life Cykel are grown exclusively here in Australia and the US, so you're getting quality with every drop.

In each serving of Reishi Mushroom Extract by Life Cykel you'll find: 
  • Distilled Water 
  • Organic Alcohol (30%) 
  • Ganoderma lucidium
  • Natural Wild Harvested Kakadu Plum 


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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