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Ghost Vegan Protein combines a fully disclosed vegan protein blend (soy free!) with their legendary flavours to deliver one ridiculously delicious, smooth & wholesome plant-based protein. Easy to drink, easy to digest...easy to become obsessed with.

You don't have to be a bodybuilder, elite athlete or a sports model to benefit from adding a protein powder to your diet. Without sufficient protein, our bodies can't function properly because this macronutrient is responsible for the healthy growth and maintenance of our body tissues and is essential to the health of our brain, nervous system, digestive system and much, much more.

  • GHOST® Full Disclosure Label
  • 21g Protein from Pea, Organic Pumpkin & Watermelon Seed Sources
  • Repair & Maintain Lean Muscle Tissue
  • Promotes Overall Health & Wellbeing

Plant based proteins can be a better option for those who experience bloating and stomach discomfort from regular whey protein powder. This is mainly because of lactose, a milk sugar found in whey protein that can cause side effects of flatulence and painful bloating in many people with food sensitivities. In contrast, plant-based protein powders are hypoallergenic and have fantastic bioavailability. This means they are easily digested and absorbed.

Pea Protein: Pea protein powder is made by extracting protein from yellow peas. It is a high quality protein and a great source of iron. It can aid muscle growth, weight loss and heart health and is a great fit for almost any diet since it's naturally vegan and hypoallergenic.

Organic Pumpkin Protein: Pumpkin seed protein powder is made directly from the teardrop-shaped seeds of the pumpkin plant. While pumpkins as a whole are full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, their seeds are a particularly concentrated source of these helpful nutrients. pumpkin seeds are known for being a plentiful source of vitamin E, magnesium, protein, antioxidants.

Watermelon Seed Protein: Watermelon seeds are a powerhouse of nutrients like folate, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, potassium. These seeds are considered to be highly nutritious, as they are also rich in amino acids, proteins and vitamin B complex. All these nutrients together help in boosting your body's metabolism.

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